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My Aquarium

I was ready for this day 3 years ago. With the stand fresh from its last coat of urethane, it was time to get it inside.

I wasn't about to carry this thing all the way around to the rear of my house when a perfectly good truck sits right in front of my home. So the stand got loaded into the bed of the pick-up truck and off it went.

As expected the aquarium and stand were not going to fit through my patio doorway without the removal of the doors. That was Bill's specialty.

Paul demonstrates how capable Bill was at doing his job.

Halfway home now with the stand in place.

Time for the aquarium. It was coming in the same way as the stand. I had 8 guys there - 6 to lift, one to guide, and 1 to photograph.

I went along for the ride on this one. Champaign Park District was kind enough to pave a sidewalk to the back of my house.

The next step was the hard part. Getting the aquarium down on the stand and in place without getting any fingers pinched or broken.

As can be noted in the photo above we had quickly killed the barrel of Snow Goose and have now moved onto the quintessential IPA from 3 Floyd's, the Alpha King.

This is where it gets tricky. No one can be on near side of the aquarium, and whoever is on the far end will get stuck holding up the brunt of the aquarium while trying to not squash their fingers. I figure if anyone is getting hurt doing this it is going to be me so I kick everyone away from the far side and do it myself.

Yeah, it was heavy.

But we got it in place, and the Henry Happy Dance soon followed.

To view the entire album from the move, check this link.

To follow along with the project, carry on to the equipment rigging and filling stage.

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Utila, Honduras

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Roatan, Honduras

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