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The 2004 trip was marked by beautiful trail conditions, but a few mishaps along the way. As our friend John Rhodes says, "What is a weekend getaway without a catastrophe?" It all started when the valve stem for the front tire froze open while we were trying to fill it with air. After a few moments of thought and a glass of hot water, the valve stem thawed and sealed itself. Hooray!

QuickTime™ Clip - Wife and I on slow cruise

As has been the case lately, Jason's parents allowed us the use of their lake home just outside of Minocqua located on Lake Shishebogema. It is truly a wonderful home and is more than anyone could ask for as a "launching pad" for a great snowmobile weekend. Thanks to David and Sharon for granting us the use of their beautiful home!

However, once rental day arrived we ran into more problems. The rental outfit we went through this time, Up North Rentals, just south of Hazelhurst, is just plain horrible. They tried to rent us sleds that had fouled spark plugs, missing carbides in the skis, etc. They had more paperwork for us to fill out than if we were buying a brand new car. Making matters worse their paperwork was not organized. Truly a half-assed operation. However, the trails were wonderful and the sleds turned out to be pretty nice once properly outfitted with standard equipment.

QuickTime™ Clip - First person view of the trails.

QuickTime™ Clip - Warming up snowmobiles before leaving.

Would a trip to the Northwoods be complete without a visit to Popes?

QuickTime™ Clip - Fellow trail riders passing by as we take a break .

Or how about the birthplace of the snowmobile?

QuickTime™ Clip - Wife and I flying past camera.

We received up to 8 inches of snow during our last 30 hours of riding, but as it turned out we were a day early leaving.

As we were driving home they were in the midst of receiving a total of 14 inches. Such is our luck.

Enjoy the entire 2004 Photo Album.

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