Negril, Jamaica, West Indies 2001

Scuba Diving

Utila, Honduras

Roatan, Honduras

Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

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My Aquarium

It is kind of strange to sit here and write this story in 2008. You see, the main purpose for this trip was so Kim and I could be married in paradise. We were, paradise ended a few years later, and divorce followed. Hence the strangeness to writing this section.

If you eliminate the whole marriage and subsequent divorce from the equation, it was still a really positive vacation. After all, it was the trip that introduced me to the sport of scuba diving, which quickly became *the* passion of my life. In addition it was my first truly tropical island vacation. I made sure I had the beachfront room as well. This was the view directly underneath my balcony.

I sat here enjoying every sunrise. I didn't even need an alarm clock. Just after sun-up the staff would begin to trickle in and start to rake the beach and set out the water sports equipment. Naturally my breakfast table each morning was equally as inviting.

Otherwise the resort was all first class. A few additional shots from around the resort here...

The scuba boat tied to shore.

The beach side bar (right side) and grill (left side). All you can drink Red Stripe and Appleton Estate rum and all-you-can-eat Jerk Chicken was a dangerous combo that started at 10:30am and ended at 4am. I was in heaven.

One of the pools at the resort with a swim-up bar. I can't understand why people would lay by a pool when the Caribbean and the infamous 7 mile long white sand Negril beach is 20 yards away.

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Utila, Honduras

La Ceiba, Hondura

Roatan, Honduras

Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

Minocqua, Wisconsin




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