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I didn't have much additional success in my underwater photography attempts in 2002 versus the previous year. I was still bad, and I still had bad equipment. Never the less I made the best of a bad situation. When I consider the equipment i was using, I'm somewhat impressed with what I achieved. Part of me would like to visit Jamaica again with my current camera equipment, but I quickly remind myself how much better diving elsewhere is.

As I noted in the 2001 edition my usable photos doubled despite the same number of exposures. However, after looking at photos like the one above, this photo wouldn't even make the cut nowadays. How far I've come...

That is the one and only basket starfish I have ever run across. Strange that it was in Jamaica of all places.

And my first free-swimming eel caught on film.

And my first Stingray. As bad as the diving is in Jamaica, it was still enjoyable. It introduced me to the sport/hobby/addiction, and many of my first encounters are from my days spent underwater off the Negril coast.

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Utila, Honduras

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Roatan, Honduras

Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

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