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Well this was quite an unexpected trip. Notre Dame found its way into the January 3rd Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, I found myself with a pair of tickets at face value from an ND graduate friend, and dad loved visiting the city and needed little excuse to go. The result was my first ever trip to New Orleans. It won't be my last.

Well there we are, proving we made it to The Big Easy. We had a day or two before the game, so we did our best to mimic a tourist and partook in some sight-seeing. Here is one with dad along the riverfront.

There were actually several photo-worthy locations along the riverfront. You'd think this town was prepped for tourism or something. This particular one was neat. Depending upon the angle of viewing it had different schemes. From one angle -

And from the other side -

The old church seemed to be a big draw for photographers as well.

In honor of all the cheesy Forest Gump movie quotes I toss out at random times, I had to get myself a photo and a beverage at this place -

And always a Parrothead no matter where my travels take me, I have to pay my respects to Jimmy.

I didn't care to spend money on this shirt, but I did feel it was worthy of a few bytes of memory on my memory card. Dad thought it was appropriate.

We walked the whole strip, but had little chance to see the city at large. Maybe on my return trip. However, the reason why we were there was the Sugar Bowl. Notre Dame was suppose to kick some ass. Well, it didn't work out that way, but we had a blast none the less. The stadium in New Orleans was mind blowing and a treat to watch a game at.

Of course we were in the upper deck, but heck there didn't seem to be a bad seat in the house. We were easily able to see Brady Quinn lead the offense on their scoring drives.

Ha ha, that's dad and I. Couldn't tell ya how many Captain -n- Cokes and Alligator sausages we had by this point. We needed the Captain with the way our boys were playing. Oh well. You know the best part about watching Notre Dame get whooped up on in the Sugar Bowl? You are a five minute walk to this place -

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