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I wasn't able to immerse myself into the diving on Roatan as much as I would have liked. I had only one full day of diving to do plus I wanted to see as much of Roatan as possible after the morning boat dives. Thus, I finished with only 3 dives on Roatan, one of which was off-shore of our resort in the infamous "Spooky Channel" dive site. Although the dive site wasn't all that impressive, the dive did have certain bonuses to it.

First and foremost, this dive marked the very first dive I had done with my father, who was recently certified on the island of Utila only one day prior. And separately, it was the first time I was able to catch an Octopus free-swimming in the afternoon.

The unfortunate part was in just 3 dives I wasn't able to get into a grove and get my bearings straight underwater and thus I only came up with 40 or so decent images, but none were the macro-shots that leave me drooling like some of my past trips. I did manage a couple nice scenery images, however.


One animal was prevalent in the shallow waters, and its one I had not come across before so its abundance was a bit surprising. It is an Upside down Jellyfish I think from the Genus Cassiopea. The photo is awful, unfortunately, because of the glare of the sun hitting the suspended particles of sand in the near-shore habitat. It is upside down so the photosynthetic tentacles can receive sunlight.

The usual suspects of the Caribbean were present and accounted for, like this adult Queen Angelfish called Holocanthus ciliaris...

...and this adult Spotted Drum ~ Equetus punctatus.

The diving did look pretty nice in my limited number of dives on Roatan, but in one dive in Utila I think I saw a healthier reef. The bonus for Roatan is the possibility for shore diving, whereas that didn't seem possible in Utila. Nevertheless both locales will warrant further exploration :)

Rare to most the Caribbean, but not unusual around the Bay Islands is the Indigo Hamlet ~ Hypoplectrus indigo. Generally these fish are rather shy, but I was able to capture this one after exhibiting enough patience for it to relax around me.

One last photo of a nocturnal Bigeye of called Priacanthus arenatus. During the evening hours these fish are rather popular and outgoing. During the sunlit hours of the afternoon they have to be hunted for underneath overhangs and ledges.

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