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We arrived on Roatan with only 2 days to take in as much as the island as possible, having just spent 5 days on the sister island of Utila. We came by ferry from La Cieba, passing an interesting sunken ship on our way to port. The diver in me wanted to grab my snorkel and fins and jump off the ferry right there.

After grabbing a taxi at port we were rushed off to our resort. I couldn't book my first two choices for only a 2 night stay, so my third choice was the Bay Island Beach Resort. Overall it was a nice resort, but I don't see myself staying there again if I return to Roatan. Nevertheless, the view from our balcony was a welcome sight.

To see this view in video format follow this link.

We came for the diving, and that small blurry red flag in the above photo means we weren't far away now. A quick walk through the resort and to the edge of the dock and we were one step away from absorbing nitrogen into our bloodstream.

After a quick warm-up dive, it was time to see what the West End of Roatan was all about. It doesn't disappoint. I could post any number of beach photos here. The beach was fantastic. Not quite as beautiful as the eastside of Cozumel, but better than Negril in my humble opinion. Where Cozumel the beach was mostly uninhabited and you can claim your view own plot for yourself, and Negril the beach is overrun with resorts and drug dealers, the West End was a nice mix of bars, resorts, and open swimming areas.

Mile after mile, bar after bar, the beach continued. I didn't get to see it all because the old man couldn't hack the walk in the heat, but after several miles you get the gist anyway. With a few days to relax and party, no doubt Roatan would be a fun place to be.

I kinda like this pic of the old man...

Here's a view looking across the bay from the vantage point of an unknown bar. The beach extends for as far as you can see green, but the bars, I'm told, do not extend all the way down. It seems like several resorts were down at the far end, and even though the road disappeared with the bars, the cars then took to driving on the beach.

As with any tropical island the exotic birds were abound. We had the opportunity to pose with several different birds in just the two days. And yeah, it's a bit warm down there.

Friday night were the crab races and on-the-beach hog roast. I was more interested in the hog roast for obvious reasons, but after a number of Mia Tias and a few shots of Tequila the crab races suddenly took on an interesting importance to me. Of course the two easily excitable yet adorable blondes at the table next to me who seemed to have great interest in the races may have assisted in perking my interest. In the end our crab, named George by my father, won his first heat but lost in the finals. Below is the race track for the hermits, and if you'd like to get a feel for the action you can watch George win his first race at this link. Obviously I wasn't the only person who had consumed a fair amount of rum that evening.

After two days on Roatan the island proved its worth and it was obvious a more extensive vacation would be required in the future ~ if not a job in the SCUBA industry down the road. It was quite the contrast to its sister island of Utila, however. With its countless taxis, resorts abound, and idyllic beaches, Roatan is your typical Caribbean getaway. Utila, on the other hand, from the friendly locals to getting anywhere on the island in 5 minutes with a bicycle, felt like home away from home.

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