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Photos from here actually represent about an 8 year span. I sorted through the albums and picked about 60 images from over the years. It's interesting to watch people grow up in some of the photos, or how many friends have passed through the campground over the years. It was actually kind of a nostalgic flashback for me to go through all the images.

I always did enjoy riding those tubes into hard corners. Of course, I wasn't always so graceful in picture-perfect position on corners...

If you want to see a video of my wiping out on a tube in a corner, check out this link.

That's John jumping off the railroad bridge on the north end. In the album there are also photos of Cameron and Kate following John's lead.

Everyone had something they enjoyed, and Dad always enjoys his walleyes. Of course, he also likes cooking his walleyes.

Naturally Dad isn't the only one who can fish. A night we would sneak down to the marine where the dock lights flooded the waters with light all night long. There it was easy to catch very large carp thanks to these fish being hand fed Subway sandwich bread and fish food from gumball-style vending machines. They came in packs, and setting a hook into them was pathetically easy. On an ultra light rod and 6lbs test monofilament and nice 15 - 20 minute fight would quickly ensue. Here is Cameron posing with one that he was able to wrestle onto the dock.

We gathered at the lake for any number of reasons or celebrations. I was engaged here. Noelle was married here. My parents celebrated their anniversary here. And every year, we would watch the fireworks from our boat(s). Just before dusk boats would gather into the south bay and prepare for the fireworks. By the time it was dark enough for fireworks you could almost walk across the bay.

To check out all the photos from this album, please follow this link.

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Utila, Honduras

La Ceiba, Hondura

Roatan, Honduras

Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

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